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Please excuse the digression...
fangirl says what
...but allow me to slip into a former skin for a moment and say...

Really, NBC? REALLY?

You didn't see this coming? Here's a thought... if you're going to be a network executive, WATCH TELEVISION. 'Cause I bet Joe the Plumber could have told you that while Jay Leno is the best thing on at 10:30, he is decidedly NOT the best thing on at 9:00. In fact, it's really not even close. The only reason that we watch him at 10:30 is because TBS's Law & Order du jour (it's Law & Order: SVU on Mondays and Tuesdays - this I know for sure) started at 10:00 while we were watching the news and is already halfway over, and if we're going to watch Sam Waterston getting all blustery in a courtroom, we're goddamn sure gonna know what it's all about. But there's just no way that "Jaywalking" (which was, admittedly, quite funny on those happy-hour-got-a-little-long-tonight nights where you only have to stay up late enough to finish an entire bottle of water so that you have a prayer of dragging your ass out of bed in the morning despite french-kissing a Ketel One bottle and bumming a couple of unfiltered Camels off the office manager) can compete with Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory or Criminal Minds or Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy... but you get the picture, and if you don't, rest assured that I could continue in that manner until you did.

Not that I'm implying that Joe the Plumber watches Grey's Anatomy. But his sister might.

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