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Ten Things I Did Not Know I Could Love This Much a Year Ago Today:
Impudent Strumpet
1. The sound my Sun Chips make when they hit the bottom of the vending machine. It’s like they’re cheering for me.

2. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

3. .

4. Rian Johnson.

5. Waking up back-to-back with J. It's very ironic that the day I decided I was going to marry , I was holding hands with on a bus on the way home from Lincoln... of course, this was 22 years ago, but it still rather amuses me.

6. This place.

7. The smell of Gain laundry detergent.

8. Colorado Bulldogs, which sound disgusting, but oddly… are not.

9. The River North Marriott Residence Inn on State Street in Chicago.

10. Matt Nathanson

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Love Matt Nathanson. Have seen him live quite a few times in years past, and I think it's so weird that I'm just now hearing him on the radio!

It was actually you that got me hooked in the first place - I fell in love with a song a few years ago that I heard on Pandora, and you mentioned then that you were a big fan, so I checked out more of his stuff and have fallen deeper in love with every song since. <3

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